About Jeffrey Fetzer


Jeffrey Fetzer is one of the leading makeup and hair artist traveling the continent today. Mr Fetzer can be seen hosting The Emmy's and appearing on talk shows discussing his love for transforming women to  feel as beautiful as they look !

Jeffrey states: " I have had the honor of working with such amazing people, I strive each day to bring to the table what I feel makes a women as beautiful on the outside as she feels on the inside"

The start of his career began in New York in 1976 , the year Studio 54 opened it's doors, the disco years of false lashes and big hair!  Mr Fetzer decided to follow his dream of becoming a top notch hair and makeup artist for the worlds most beautiful models. He has been the primary "go to" artist in his field, landing dozens of covers for many  major magazines including Vogue, Harper's Bazaar and Cosmopolitan.
During his years in New York is where Mr Fetzer met many of his celebrity clientele which included Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Jones and Madonna, long days and continuously providing a high level of creativity and  work ethic he was in a matter of time working with major cosmetic companies such as Revlon, Estée Lauder and Lancome. A chance meeting with famous fashion photographer Bill King landed his work with the pages of Chanel .
A movie being shot in New York, Eyes Of Laura Mars with Faye Dunaway,  Mr Fetzer was approached to work on the photos being shot by famous photographer Helmut Newton, a chance meeting with Miss Dunaway brought Jeffrey to Hollywood and has been his home for the past 35 years. 
The year was 2015 and The Fetzer Face was launched becoming a household name to every women in the world . It became popular with the amazing before and after pictures that my gracious ladies let me post !! 

I started having smaller venues and this fast became an amazing partnership with many friends from my connection in the world of horses, since then we have branched out to huge private party's, lectures and sold out shows!

The companies motto is " Being Beautiful Never Ages "
It is my goal to help and learn from my Beautiful Fetzer Face Ladies !
Mr Fetzer has been an award winning makeup artist receiving the highest honor from his peers, Hair and Makeup Guild Awards , has been a host for The Emmys and Oscars with "What's Hot on the Red Carpet " and is currently in the process of writing a book about his career and what every women needs to know about being beautiful .