The Fetzer Face Source Of Beauty Facial

The Fetzer Face Source Of Beauty Facial


This amazing 3 step facial can bring you closer to the glowing skin and youthful appearance that turns heads 

First Step

Apply the Serum first to prep the skin with Hylauronic Acid , Collagen , Niacinamide, Ceramide , Heparan Sulfate and 2 essential Vitamins A and D , this remains on the skin 

Second Step

Apply the Thermal mixture that immediately heats the skin and starts the process of penetrating the 3 layers of skin to hydrate and soften lines , leave on for 25 minutes 

Third Step

Wipe  off with warm water either using a soft wash cloth or makeup remover cloth ( no alcohol)

Fourth Step 

Apply the Super Enriched Moisture Cream all over the face and let absorb into skin