FF  6 21 Again
FF  6 21 Again

FF 6 21 Again


FF 6 21 Again
Highly concentrated serum for facial rejuvenation smoothing wrinkles and reducing puffy eyes and dark circles
Product Details
The cooling serum absorbs quickly leaving your under eye area looking refreshed like a good nights sleep.
Recommended for target areas as well such as frown lines and nasal folds this serum does it all with just a dab !!
The Proof
Visible difference around the eye area within  the first 12 hours eyes appear less tired
97% said the area around the eyes appear to have an instant effect of smoothness upon application
94% noticed that in less than 12 hours they still felt that the areas under the eyes frown lines and marionette lines were less noticeable
93% reported that the texture was smooth around the eyes and anywhere else they had applied the serum
91% said this product was a "must have" for a daily routine to keep your eyes and face looking youthful
Key Ingredients
Glycolic Acid
The most innovative anti-aging formulation available today
A cosmetic grade that has been tested and proven to stimulate cell activity penetrating to the thickest layer of skin
This serum has 70% concentrate of Glypure 70 whose main benefit is skin shedding also known as cell turnover or regrowth
Lemon passion fruit grapes all organic and in non-allergenic form to target the areas of the skin where you need a healthy alternative to what your skin needs for a natural glow
This botanical treatment reduces dark circles and puffy eyes and has been known to improve blood circulation reducing the breakdown of collagen and therefore reducing the presence of free radicals that breakdown all elasticity and your skin as you age
The latest in facial rejuvenation smoothing wrinkles and boosting collagen by having an active ingredient TGF-B tissue growth factor.
TGF-B has the capacity to bind your skin by mimicking the aging cycle there for turning back the hands of time

How to use
Apply a small drop to the area around the eye on the frown lines , marionette lines or anywhere else where your skin needs an extra plumping.
For dark circles apply a small drop in the areas around the eyes where it exhibits the highest amount of darkness