FF Cream  Foundation Quad 2
FF Cream  Foundation Quad 2
FF Cream  Foundation Quad 2

FF Cream Foundation Quad 2


FF Quad 2
A moisturizing cream base lightweight foundation that delivers coverage giving your skin  a flawless finish. For all skin types, non-allergenic and non-animal tested

Product Details
Natural coverage plus all the skin care benefits you find in all Fetzer Face products. Skin looks radiant smooth with a collagen -enhancing ingredient  that works continuously to improve skin's appearance.

How to Use
Apply to clean moisturized skin with brush, sponge or fingers.
Choose all four colors from light to deepest shade
All 4 colors blend easily for a mistake proof finish

The New Quad Light , features the same perfect ingredients that the original Quads , and gives a bonus “block out color white “ that helps to hide blemishes , dark circles and can be applied the same way as the original Quads 

Suggestion from Mr Fetzer 
Dab the lightest color around cheekbone area, tip of nose , chin and center of forehead
Blend remaining colors on skin you will find your " key" color and work the rest of the shades highlighting and contouring. Have fun !!